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Tudor Hampton Court Dr Jonathan Foyle Wednesday 12 February 2020

This lecture is to be held at Appleby Market Hall on the 8th April 2020 at 11 am.

Hampton Court is best known as the main surviving Palace of Henry V111 (1509-47). But how much of Hampton Court did he really create? The King had lost the principal royal seat of Westminster to a fire in 1512, and in 1528 he adopted Cardinal Wolsey's Hampton Court, which had been planned anew in 1515.This talk explains the European cultural background in Wolsey's magnificient creation and presents reconstructions of lost interiors, and shows how much of the credit for Hampton Court was due to the ambitious cardinal before his reputation was shattered and his achievements defaced by the infamous King he had served.

Dr Jonathan Foyle was Chief Executive of the World Monuments Fund Britain for 8 years, and a curator of Historic Buildings at Hampton Court for as long, during which time he took his 2002 PhD on reconstructing Wolsey's palace. He is a frequent writer for the Financial Times on issues of architecture, history and craft. A presenter of numerous TV series including BBC4's "Henry V111: Patron or Plunderer?" and BBC2's "Climbing Great Buildings".