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10 April 2019The Wind in the Willows Revisited through its illustrators.
08 May 2019"The Queen of Instruments: The Lute within Old Master Paintings" (with music).
11 September 2019People, Places and Piazzas. The Life and Art of Charles H Mackie
09 October 2019Images of the British Empire
13 November 2019Food and Art Through the Ages: From Renaissance Sugar Sculpture to 3D Printing
11 December 2019The Christrmas Tree: From Forest Fir to Festive Feature

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The Wind in the Willows Revisited through its illustrators. John Ericson BA (Hons) Cert Ed M.Ed Wednesday 10 April 2019

This lecture is to be held at Appleby Market Hall at 11 am on Wednesday the 10th April, 2018. Members are free, there is a small charge of £8.00 to guests. Everyone welcome.

The Riverbank adventures of Mole, Ratty, Badger and the incorrigble Mr Toad have now taken their place among the earliest memories of at least four generations of children.

The beauty of Kenneth Graeme's prose is widely acknowledged but the story is so full of wonderful imagery that it almost demands to be illustrated - despite this when first published in 1908 it was without pictures. The book has been in print ever since but what is less well known is that it has now been illustrated by more than 90 artists making it the most widely illustrated book in the English language.

The "Wind in the Willows" is notable for its mixture of adventure, camarderie, morality and mysticism. It is however a far more interesting book than its popular and often young audience might appreciate. It deserves recognition as a novel in which adult readers will find not just humour and entertainment but wisdom and meaning. Quite intruigingly academics continue to argue as to whether it is a book for children or for adults, a theme the lecture will expand upon.