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Plants in Art and Culture: how plants created society Mark Spencer FLS Wednesday 14 November 2018

The lecture to be held at Appleby Market Hall at 11 am on the 14th November, 2018. Members are free, there is a small charge of £8.00 to none members. Everyone welcome.

In recent years the concept of 'plant blindness' has been coined to identify our tendency to overlook plants. Yet plants are the dominant aspect of the natural world around us, few of us notice London plane trees on our way to work. Conversley, we often talk of our own cultural identities in terms of language framed referring to plants - thus the English Oak is a symbol of national endurance and steadfastness. Or we use motifs based on plants such as Acanthus to decorate our public spaces. The plants we place around us denote our emotional state of being, ie white lilies for mourning or laurel for celebrations of victory.