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11 December 2019The Christrmas Tree: From Forest Fir to Festive Feature
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The Christrmas Tree: From Forest Fir to Festive Feature Dr Claire Walsh BA (Hons) MA (Distinction) Phd Wednesday 11 December 2019

This lecture is to be held at Appleby Market Hall at 11 am on Wednesday the 11th December 2019. Members are free, there is a small charge of £8.00 to none members. Everyone welcome.

The Christmas tree presents us with over five centuries of art and meaning. Vital to both Paganism and Christianity, it was and still is, shrouded in legend. The forest fir first made the transition from Viking carvings to German Romanticism and Scandinavian naturalism before taking its place in the modern festival of Christmas. This lecture tells us about its hidden significance and the ways in which it has been used to celebrate Christmas.

Dr Claire Walsh has worked at the Victorian and Albert Museum and lectures at the University of Warwick, she also lectures for the Open University.