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13 February 2019From Russia with Love
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From Russia with Love Brian Healey BA (Hons) Dip.Interior Design Wednesday 13 February 2019

This lecture is to be held on Wednesday the 13th February at 11 am at Appleby Market Hall. Members are free, there is a small charge of £8.00 to guests. Everyone welcome.

Following the changes that came about through the auspices of the "Peredvizhniki" or "Wanderers" movement, the focus of Russian painting changes from academic rigour to the many moods and characteristics of the Russian landscape itself. No longer would this merely provide a background to lofty themes, but would itself take centre stage, capable of telling its own story as powerful and as moving as any historical or mytholical drama. Artists such as Savrasov and Levitan, Shishkin and Kuindzhi to name but a few, found a haunting and elegiac beauty in this hitherto neglected but vast subject matter. From her majestic forests and moonlit marshlands, her snow bound villages, gigantic skies, endless horizons and unstoppable rivers, artists such as these from the latter half of the 19th century distilled the very essence of the Russian landscape and gave it a voice we only have just begun to appreciate.

Brian Healey has always loved art and painted but studied and taught foreign languages. Later in life he studied for a diploma in interior design and eventually in 2003 decided to focus on his first love of painting. Brian has had a number of solo and shared exhibitions and has exhibited widely from Devon to the Lake District.

Image is of painting by Savrasov - View of The Kremlin from Krymsky Bridge in inclement weather.