Church Recorders are Art Society volunteers who make records of the contents of our national churches, thereby promoting the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage to be found in places of worship of all religions. The items are described in detail and their history researched. All the material is then compiled into a book illustrated with photographs and drawings. This is presented to the church and copies are sent to national institutions.


Our first Church Trail was completed in September 2017. Church Trails are aimed at children aged between 8 and 12. The trail guides children and their parents (or adult) around a Church looking at art, architecture, history and furnishings. The aim is to encourage both children and adults to explore the building: learn about ity and enjoy the experience so they are inspired to visit other churches. We chose St Peter's in Great Asby for our first Church trail. Basically, a small group of us got together and with guidance from The Art's Society's Church Trails Representative and our Head Office we created what we thought was an enjoyable trail, full of interesting information about St. Peter's and its individual architecture and history. One particularly interesting bits of information we discovered was that at one time, a farming vicar called Henry Guy installed a goose into the pulpit which sat on its eggs until they were hatched!  Please visit St Peter's Church in Great Asby and try the trail yourself! If you are a member and would like to do a Church Trail for your local Church please contact Erica Tarney on 017683 54020.

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